The Reborning Process
Reborn Dolls.....Fake Babies....whatever you want to call them

You can start with a kit or a doll. What does that mean?

You receive a head, arms and legs, without hair or color - a blank canvas so to speak, and you will be able to transform him/her into a dream baby. What color will his/her hair be? Will it be straight, wavy or curly? Will he/she have a peaches and cream complexion or be blotchy like a newborn baby sometimes is? Will it be a boy or a girl? What will you name the baby? The possibilities are endless!! It is very exciting and very fulfilling when the kit starts to transform and you can see the result of your efforts. You can also reborn from a doll which has to be taken apart and all cololuring removed with acetone free nail polish remover, then washed thoroughly before starting the process. Each baby will go through a long and extensive re-birthing process. The first process is a thorough clean. I bathe all the parts in very hot water, removing any grease or factory residue. Colouring - I use Genesis heat set paints on my dolls, the very high temperature seals the colour beautifully. It takes several layers of varying colours to achieve a realistic skin tone. Some of the details I like to include are the very fine capillaries found on the eyelids, thread veins on the cheeks, blue where the skin is very transparent, tiny Milieu or “milk spots” that you sometimes see on the nose and chin of newborns. Micro-rooting - I use Premium Mohair, it is extremely soft and silky much like a real newborns. Each hair is rooted with only 1-2 strands in each follicle. It is then sealed from the inside using very strong glue. This limits hair loss while allowing you to dampen and restyle the hair occasionally. A new set of eyes, if the baby is going to be awake. At this stage, you can carefully open the nose with a small drill, being careful not to damage the vinyl or you can shade it to add depth and realism. I then adhere a strong earth magnet behind the mouth. By doing this it allows for a magnetic pacifier to be used PLEASE be advised, magnets are extremely strong, and can NEVER be used around those people with pacemakers, or other electronic devices for life sustaining use. At this stage I prepare each baby's finger and toenail for a perfect newborn manicure. Each nail is painted and then tipped in an off white, it is sealed using clear coat varnish to achieve the real nail look and feel. The most exciting part - Assembly. Each body is jointed, this allows the limbs to move freely. The head and limbs are then weighted and then attached with the use of cable ties. I use ONLY fine glass granules. It's clean, and safe for custom regulations if the baby is to travel overseas. Bodies are filled with babyfat pellets and packed with a fleece polyfibre. This makes the babies feel incredibly lifelike to handle and just right for a cuddle. They are then weighed and details recorded. After usually much deliberation its decided if its a boy or a girl and then a name is chosen. A Birth Certificate is then made up with all the details for the new mummy. This is when each baby is given a special outfit to wear and then there is an extensive Photo Shoot.

Please note these are no longer play dolls but collectable heirlooms to be treasured and loved.


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